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The Ice Stadium of Baselga di Piné , managed by Ice Rink Piné Srl, is located in the Piné Plateau, in the eastern part of Trentino just 18 km from Trento.

it is situated at an altitude of 1000 m in the splendid mountain scenery of the Dolomites.

The structure consists of:

  • a sports hall with an ice plate 30 mx 60 m and 1800 seats

  • an outer ring with a linear development of 400 m, both for speed skating on ice and for the practice of roller skating on concrete.

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Ice Rink Piné is in Via dello Stadio 17 in Miola di Piné (TN).

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Ice Rink Piné
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The complex is also the federal center of the FISG (Italian Ice Sports Federation).

The Ice Rink Piné makes its facilities available to the teams of the FISG and the International Speed and Short Track Federations in anticipation of sports competitions.

Ice Rink Piné Srl is a mixed public-private company which has been managing the Ice Rink Piné ice rink since November 2004.

The Ice Rink Pinè ice stadium is owned by the Municipality of Baselga di Piné.

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